How to Get a Dodo Free Tablet

Dodo Free Tablet

Dodo, a renowned Australian telecommunications company, has garnered attention for its enticing offer – a free Pendo tablet bundled with their $9.90 mobile broadband plan. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Dodo free tablet offer, including the eligibility criteria, the application process, the features and specifications of the Pendo tablet, the activation process, and the provider offering this fantastic deal.

Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents

The Dodo free tablet offer does not explicitly outline any specific eligibility criteria or required documents. Nevertheless, potential beneficiaries should take note that this offer is exclusively available with the purchase of Dodo’s $9.90 mobile broadband plan.

How to Get Dodo Free Tablet

The process of obtaining the Dodo free tablet is convenient and straightforward. Prospective customers can apply online and have the option to either pick up the tablet from Dodo’s headquarters in Melbourne or have it delivered to their desired location for an additional fee of $24.90. Remember, this offer is accessible only to those who purchase Dodo’s $9.90 mobile broadband plan.

Features and Specifications of the Pendo Tablet

Features and Specifications of the Pendo Tablet

The Pendo Pad, a creation of the Australian electronics company Pendo, lies at the heart of Dodo’s free tablet offer. This sleek device boasts a 7-inch touch screen, rendering it compact and lightweight at just 360 grams. The tablet is compatible with both Wi-Fi and 3G, with the added advantage of two USB slots for a 3G modem or a USB stick.

The versatility of the Pendo Pad makes it a perfect companion for entertainment on the go. Its users can indulge in reading magazines, watching movies, or listening to music. Additionally, the tablet is equipped with a speaker, microphone, and camera, making it suitable for video phone calls. Operating on Android 2, the Pendo Pad aligns itself with many smartphones, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

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Providers Offering Dodo Free Tablet

Dodo is the sole provider offering the enticing free Pendo tablet as part of their $9.90 mobile broadband plan. Customers can exclusively access this deal through Dodo’s official website or authorized retailers.


The Dodo free tablet offer presents an appealing proposition for individuals seeking an affordable mobile broadband plan bundled with a versatile device for internet surfing. As no specific eligibility criteria or required documents are mentioned, it appears that almost anyone can benefit from this offer by acquiring Dodo’s $9.90 mobile broadband plan. The Pendo Pad, the star of this promotion, showcases a plethora of features and specifications that make it an ideal entertainment companion. So why wait? Take advantage of Dodo’s free tablet offer today and embrace the boundless possibilities it brings!


Can existing Dodo customers avail of the free tablet offer?

Yes, existing Dodo customers can also take advantage of the free tablet offer. They can upgrade their current plan to the eligible $9.90 mobile broadband plan and receive the free Pendo tablet.

Can I choose a different tablet model instead of the Pendo Pad?

The Dodo free tablet offer is currently limited to the Pendo Pad. Customers cannot opt for a different tablet model under this specific promotion.

Is the Pendo Pad covered by any warranty?

Yes, the Pendo Pad comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. For specific details on the warranty period and coverage, it is recommended to refer to the warranty documentation provided with the tablet.

Can I use the tablet on other networks besides Dodo?

The Pendo Pad offered in the free tablet promotion may be locked to the Dodo network. It is advisable to check with Dodo regarding the device’s network compatibility and unlocking options, if any.

What happens if I cancel my $9.90 mobile broadband plan?

If you cancel your $9.90 mobile broadband plan, you may no longer be eligible for the free tablet offer. In some cases, customers may be required to return the tablet or pay the full retail price of the device.

Can I add additional data or services to my free tablet plan?

Yes, Dodo offers various data and service add-ons for their mobile broadband plans. Customers can explore these options to enhance their tablet usage as per their requirements.

Is the Pendo Pad upgradeable to the latest Android version?

The upgradability of the Pendo Pad to the latest Android version depends on the tablet’s hardware specifications and the software updates provided by the manufacturer. It is advisable to check with Pendo or the Dodo website for information on software updates.

Can I use the Pendo Pad for gaming?

The Pendo Pad’s capability for gaming depends on the specific game requirements. While it can handle basic games, it may not support high-end or resource-intensive games. It is recommended to review the tablet’s specifications and the game’s requirements before attempting to play.

What payment options are available for the $9.90 mobile broadband plan?

Dodo offers multiple payment options for their mobile broadband plans, including credit/debit cards, direct debit, and other online payment methods. Customers can choose the payment option that suits them best during the plan signup process.

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