How to Get A Free iPad with EBT

How to Get A Free iPad with EBT

Getting a Free iPad with EBT, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is a government program that helps people with low incomes buy important things like food and essential items. But did you know that in some cases, you can also get a free iPad or other electronic gadgets through this program? In this article, we’ll explore how you can get a free iPad with EBT and what you should think about when considering this option.

The EBT program mainly focuses on helping folks with necessary things, but there are some special programs that might give you a chance to score a free iPad with EBT.

What is the Free iPad with EBT Program?

Have you ever heard about the Free iPad with EBT Program? It’s a unique offering that provides free iPads to people who are part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps. SNAP is a federal program that helps families with low incomes by providing them with assistance to buy food. Now, let’s dive into what this program is all about and how it can benefit those who use food stamps.

Top 5 Programs Offering Free iPads with Food Stamps

If you’re looking to score a free iPad while benefiting from food stamps, here are five fantastic programs to consider:

On It Foundation

The On It Foundation is all about helping eligible households. They not only provide free iPads but also offer free internet services to those in need.

PCs for People

PCs for People is a nonprofit organization on a mission. They make technology and internet access affordable for low-income families. If you qualify, you can buy a refurbished iPad at a discounted price or even receive one for free.


Human-I-T takes old tech and turns it into something useful again. They refurbish and share technology with low-income individuals and families. If you’re eligible, you might get a refurbished iPad without spending a dime.


ConnectHomeUSA is a partnership that joins public and private forces to provide low-cost internet service and iPads to households that meet the criteria.


EveryoneOn is a nonprofit organization that’s on a mission to help families with limited funds get affordable internet service. They also assist in obtaining discounted or free tech, including iPads.

These programs aim to bridge the digital divide by making technology accessible to everyone, regardless of their income. So, if you’re eligible, don’t hesitate to explore these options and enhance your digital experience with a free iPad.

How to Apply for A Free iPad with EBT

How to Apply for A Free iPad with EBT

Getting a free iPad with EBT and Food Stamps is easy if you follow these steps:

  • Check Your Eligibility: First, make sure you’re eligible. You can do this by going to the official national verifier site.
  • Visit the Lifeline Website: Lifeline is a program that helps low-income households access affordable phone and internet services. Go to their website.
  • Enter Your Zip Code: Put in your zip code. This helps the website find the providers available in your area.
  • Choose a Provider: Pick a provider that offers a free iPad with EBT and Food Stamps.
  • Fill Out the Application Form: Complete the application form they provide. Typically, this entails sharing your personal details.
  • Attach Your Documents: You’ll need to show proof that you’re part of the Food Stamps program. So, attach the required documents.
  • Review Your Application: Double-check all the information you entered to make sure it’s correct.
  • Submit Your Application: Once everything looks good, hit the submit button.
  • Wait for Approval: Now, all you have to do is wait for them to review your application. If you’re eligible, you’ll get your free iPad!

Eligibility Criteria to Get A Free iPad with EBT

Eligibility Criteria to Get A Free iPad with EBT

If you want to snag a Free iPad with the Food Stamps program, you need to meet these criteria:

  • Be Part of the Food Stamps Program: You must already be a part of the food stamps program to be eligible.
  • Meet Income Requirements: Your income should be below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines. This means your earnings are not very high.
  • Be 18 or Older: You need to be at least 18 years old to qualify.

Meeting these conditions opens the door to the possibility of getting a free iPad, which can be a valuable tool for various tasks, from schoolwork to staying connected with friends and family.

Documents Required to Get Free iPad with EBT

Documents Required to Get Free iPad with EBT

To get your hands on a free iPad through the food stamps program, you’ll need to gather some important documents. These include:

  • ID Copy: Make sure you have a copy of your identification, like your driver’s license or passport. This helps confirm who you are.
  • Proof of Food Stamps Participation: You’ll also need documents showing that you’re already part of the food stamps program. This could be a letter or card from the program.
  • Social Security Card Copy: A copy of your social security card is required to verify your social security number.
  • Income Proof: You might need to show your income level, which can be done with documents like paycheck stubs or a statement of current income.
  • Retirement or Pension Statement: If you receive retirement or pension benefits, having a statement of those benefits can be important.
  • Social Security Benefits Statement: Similar to retirement, if you get social security benefits, having a statement that shows this can be helpful.
  • Birth Certificate: Sometimes, you might need to provide a copy of your birth certificate to verify your age.
  • Driver’s License: Your driver’s license can be used as another form of identification.
  • Veteran Administration Statement: If you’re a veteran, you may need a statement of your benefits from the Veteran Administration.
  • Unemployment Compensation Statement: If you’re receiving unemployment benefits, having a statement of those benefits is necessary.
  • Tax Return: Finally, federal, tribal, or state tax returns can also be required to show your financial status.

Having these documents ready and organized can make the application process smoother when you’re aiming to get a free iPad through the food stamps program.

Advantages of Getting a Free iPad with EBT

Getting a free iPad with EBT comes with some great perks:

  • Access to Technology: Many low-income families can’t afford gadgets like iPads. Getting one for free means you can hop onto the internet, find educational stuff, and look for job opportunities online.
  • Education Boost: iPads can be used for learning. You can access online courses, e-books, and cool educational apps. This is super helpful, especially for kids who might not have lots of learning resources at home.
  • Stay Connected: With an iPad, you can make video calls, and send messages, and emails. It keeps you connected with friends, family, and professionals.
  • Convenience: Managing your EBT benefits becomes a breeze with an iPad. You can check your balance and make purchases easily, even if you don’t have a computer or smartphone.
  • Enhanced Life Quality: A free iPad opens doors to a world of resources. You can enjoy entertainment, stay updated with the news, and find information about local events and services. It’s like having a whole bunch of helpful tools right at your fingertips!

So, receiving a free iPad with EBT isn’t just about having a cool gadget; it’s about improving access to opportunities and making life a bit easier for those who could use some extra help.

How to Activate Your Free iPad

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Power It On: Press and hold the power button located in the top-right corner of your iPad to turn it on.
  • Select Language and Region: Pick your preferred language and region, then tap “Next.”
  • Connect to Wi-Fi: You’ll need to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Choose one from the list of available networks or enter the network name and password if required.
  • Automatic Activation: Your iPad will start activating automatically. Be prepared to wait for a few moments, as this process may require some time.
  • Apple ID: If it asks for your Apple ID and password, enter them. If you haven’t set up an Apple ID yet, don’t stress! You can create one by tapping “Create a Free Apple ID” and following the instructions.
  • Security Options: Depending on your iPad model, you can set up either Touch ID or Face ID for extra security, or you can create a passcode.
  • Siri Setup: Decide if you want to enable Siri, the helpful virtual assistant.
  • Terms and Conditions: Read through the terms and conditions, then tap “Agree” to continue.
  • Starting Fresh or Restoring: You’ll have the option to set up your iPad as a brand new device or restore it from a backup, like if you’ve used an iPad before.
  • Final Setup: Wait for your iPad to finish setting up and downloading any necessary updates.

Once these steps are complete, your iPad is activated and ready to go! You can start using it to surf the web, download apps, and explore all the cool features it has to offer. Enjoy your new gadget!

Reasons for Application Rejection for an iPad Through EBT and How to Address Them

So, you’ve applied for an iPad through EBT, but what if your application gets rejected? Let’s explore some common reasons for rejection and how to solve them:


SNAP benefits are meant for low-income households that meet specific criteria. If your income or assets exceed these limits, your application will be denied.
Solution: Make sure to review the eligibility requirements thoroughly before reapplying. You can seek assistance from a customer care representative to understand all the rules and criteria for applying.

Incomplete or Inaccurate Information

The application requires detailed info about your income, expenses, household size, and more. If it’s incomplete or contains errors, it might be rejected.
Solution: Before you submit your application, make sure to review it carefully to ensure that all the information is accurate and complete. Customer service representatives can help you fill out the form correctly.

Missing Documents

You must provide essential documents to verify your eligibility, like income proof, identification, and residency.
Solution: Ensure you include all the necessary documents with your application. If needed, consult a customer service representative to understand the required documentation.

Funding and Resource Limitations

SNAP benefits depend on available funding and resources, which may not always be sufficient to cover all eligible applicants, including you.
Solution: In such cases, you may have to wait until additional funding or resources become available.

Missed Deadlines

SNAP applications have specific submission and processing deadlines. Failing to meet these due dates may result in your application being rejected.
Solution: Be diligent about submitting your application and documents before the deadline. Keep track of your application’s status with the help of the SNAP office or their customer service.

Fraud or Misrepresentation

Providing false or misleading information, or engaging in fraudulent activities to obtain SNAP benefits, can lead to application denial or permanent benefit termination.
Solution: Always be honest and provide accurate information in your application. Follow the program’s rules and requirements honestly, and your application stands a better chance of approval.

Carriers Offering Affordable iPads Through EBT

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly iPad through the Affordable Connectivity Program, consider these carriers:

1. Cintex Wireless:

  • Cintex Wireless offers a range of iPads at incredibly low prices, such as the Apple iPad Mini for just $10.01 (original price $110) and the Apple iPad Air for $25 (original price $200). You might also find the Apple iPad Mini 3 at $30 (original price $180) and more.
  • Eligibility: You can qualify for these deals if you or someone in your household participates in government assistance programs like Medicaid/Medi-Cal, SNAP/CalFresh, SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Section 8, or WIC. Alternatively, if your household income falls at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline, you may be eligible.
  • Included Services:
    • Free Nationwide Shipping
    • High-Speed Data
    • No Contracts, Registration Fees, or Monthly Bills
    • Keep Your Phone Number

2. AirTalk Wireless:

  • AirTalk Wireless also provides affordable iPads through the Affordable Connectivity Program, including options like the Apple iPad Mini for $10.01 (original price $110) and the Apple iPad Air for $25 (original price $200). You can also find the Apple iPad Mini 3 for $30 (original price $180) and more.
  • Eligibility: Similar to Cintex Wireless, you may qualify if you or a household member participates in government assistance programs or if your household income meets the 200% Federal Poverty Guideline threshold.
  • Included Services:
    • Nationwide Free Shipping
    • High-Speed Data
    • No Contracts, Registration Fees, or Monthly Bills
    • Keep Your Phone Number

These carriers are making technology more accessible to those who need it most. By participating in government assistance programs or meeting specific income criteria, you can take advantage of these fantastic deals and enjoy the benefits of an iPad without breaking the bank.

Other Ways to Get a Free iPad

If you’re eager to snag a free iPad but don’t qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program, don’t worry!

  • Contests and Giveaways: Companies frequently organize contests and giveaways on social media and forums, offering free iPads as prizes.
  • Trade-In Offers: Some companies run trade-in deals where you can exchange an old device for a new iPad. Depending on the value of your old device, you might even score a free iPad.
  • Referral Programs: Certain companies run referral programs. By referring friends and family to their products or services, you could earn substantial rewards, including a free iPad.
  • Employee Perks: If you’re a diligent and valuable employee, your company might reward you with a free iPad as part of its employee perks program.
  • Education Discounts: Apple often extends discounts on its products, including iPads, to students and educators. These discounts can sometimes make iPads nearly free for those in the education sector.
  • Rewards Programs: Some credit card companies and retailers offer rewards programs. By accumulating points through these programs, you can redeem them for a free iPad.
  • Charitable Donations: Certain non-profit organizations may offer free iPads as a token of appreciation for making a charitable contribution. It’s a way to support a cause you care about while gaining a new device.
  • Online Surveys: Companies may provide free iPads to participants in online surveys. Your feedback and opinions can help them improve their products and services.
  • In-Store Promotions: Retailers sometimes include free iPads in promotional bundles. For instance, they may offer a free iPad with the purchase of a new laptop or smartphone.
  • Social Media Contests: Companies often hold contests on social media platforms, where you can win a free iPad by following their accounts and engaging in specified actions like liking, sharing, or commenting on their posts.
  • Product Bundling: Retailers may bundle a free iPad with the purchase of another product, like a laptop or smartphone.
  • Beta Testing: Some companies provide free iPads to individuals participating in beta testing for their products. This allows you to access new technology ahead of others while getting a complimentary device.
  • New Phone or Internet Plans: Certain service providers offer free iPads as part of promotions for new customers who sign up for phone or internet plans.


In conclusion, the opportunity to obtain a free iPad with EBT can be a valuable resource for those who meet the eligibility criteria. Whether through government programs or alternative means, these devices can open doors to education, communication, and improved access to technology for individuals and families in need.


Can I get a free iPad with EBT if I am a student?

Some programs and organizations offer free iPads or discounted devices to students who qualify based on their financial need. Check with your school or educational institution to see if such opportunities are available.

What should I do if my EBT application for a free iPad is denied?

If your application is denied, review the rejection reasons and try to address any issues, such as eligibility requirements or missing documents. You can also seek assistance from customer service representatives to understand the rejection and reapply if necessary.

Are there any hidden costs associated with getting a free iPad through EBT programs?

Generally, EBT programs that offer free iPads do not have hidden costs. However, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions of the specific program to understand any potential fees or obligations.

Can I sell or trade the free iPad obtained through EBT programs?

Most EBT programs have strict rules against selling or trading devices obtained through their programs. Doing so may result in penalties or loss of benefits. It’s crucial to use the device for its intended purpose, such as education or communication.

What happens if my free iPad from EBT gets lost or damaged?

If you lose or damage your free iPad, contact the program or organization that provided it to inquire about replacement or repair options. Some programs may offer assistance in such cases.

Is there a limit to the number of free iPads I can receive through EBT programs?

EBT programs typically provide one device per eligible household. If multiple members of the same household meet the criteria, they may each receive a device.

Do I need to return the free iPad if my EBT benefits change or expire?

In some cases, you may need to return the iPad if your eligibility for EBT benefits changes significantly or expires. It’s essential to stay informed about your EBT status and follow program guidelines.

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