How to Get a Free Samsung Tablet in 2023

How to Get a Free Samsung Tablet in 2023

Samsung, a leading global brand renowned for its cutting-edge consumer electronics, has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in the realm of smartphones and tablets. With each passing year, they introduce newer, better, and more advanced devices that capture the imagination of tech enthusiasts worldwide. 

Among their offerings, Samsung tablets have earned a special place, becoming one of the most sought-after tablets on the market, second only to iPads. These tablets are brimming with incredible features, making them a top choice for users seeking a seamless and versatile digital experience. However, the only drawback lies in their price tag, which puts them out of reach for many potential buyers.

The good news is, there are opportunities to obtain a Samsung tablet without spending a dime! Yes, you read that right. In this article, we’ll dive into some exciting ways to get your hands on a tablet.

How to Get a Free Samsung Tablet

How to Get a Free Samsung Tablet

Imagine owning a cutting-edge Samsung tablet without breaking the bank! Well, that dream might just become a reality with some fantastic opportunities available. Let’s delve into various avenues through which you can get your hands on a tablet. Get ready for an engaging journey that could lead you to an incredible device without spending a penny!

From Government Assistance Under ACP

The Federal Government truly cares about bridging the digital divide for low-income individuals. Through programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), eligible participants can receive one-time discounts of up to $100 toward the purchase of a Samsung tablet or smartphone. This incredible initiative aims to provide better access to technology for all.

Carrier and Retailer Offers

Popular mobile carriers and retailers frequently introduce enticing promotions, offering Samsung tablets as delightful incentives. While these offers can be tempting, do keep in mind that they may come with certain conditions, like switching carriers or adding a connection. But if you’re willing to explore the possibilities, a complimentary Samsung tablet could be within your grasp.

From Samsung’s Promotional Deals

Samsung itself occasionally extends its generosity to customers with promotional offers that include discounted or even free tablets. Keep an eye on the company’s website and stay updated on their latest deals to seize this chance to score an amazing device.

Finding Support from Nonprofits and Charities

Compassionate nonprofit organizations and charities recognize the transformative power of technology and may offer free tablets or electronic devices to those who genuinely cannot afford them. These heartwarming initiatives aim to empower and support individuals in need.

Winning with Online Contests and Surveys

The virtual world is brimming with opportunities to win a Samsung tablet! Engage in exciting online contests or participate in surveys that reward the lucky winner with a brand-new tablet. This thrilling path could lead you to an extraordinary device without spending a dime.

How to Get a Free Samsung Tablet From the Government(ACP)

How to Get a Free Samsung Tablet From the Government(ACP)

If you’ve been longing for a free Samsung tablet, look no further! The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) by the Government can make your dream a reality. Here’s a concise and engaging step-by-step guide to getting your hands on that coveted device:

Check Your Eligibility

To qualify for the ACP program, ensure that your household income falls within 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Alternatively, participate in eligible government assistance programs like Lifeline, SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, SSI, FPHA, Veterans Pension, Free School Lunch, School Breakfast Program, or certain Tribal programs. Also, you must be at least 18 years old or an emancipated minor.

Gather Required Documents

Prove your eligibility by providing specific documents. For program participation, furnish approval letters or benefit statements. For income requirements, submit tax returns or benefit statements showing your income falls below the specified threshold. Prepare copies of identity, age, and address verification too.

Apply through the National Verifier

Apply online at Create an account, enter the required information, and upload the documents. Alternatively, print the application and Household Worksheet, fill them out, and mail them to ACP Support Center, PO Box 9100, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773. Contact your internet company to check if they participate or find another ACP provider after approval.

Find an ACP Company Offering Free Samsung Tablets

Visit, enter your location, select the ACP program, and search for providers in your state. Note companies offering discounted devices. Explore their websites for offers. AirTalk, Cintex, and NewPhone Wireless are some confirmed providers of free Samsung tablets.

Apply and Enjoy the Benefits

Choose a company, fill out their application form, and submit the required information and documents. Once approved, you’ll receive a complimentary Samsung tablet, along with the potential bonus of free monthly wireless or data plans.

Steps to Obtain a Free Samsung Tablet from a Carrier or Retailer

If you’re eyeing a free tablet, carriers and retailers could be your ticket to getting one! These companies often roll out tempting promotional deals. However, keep in mind that these deals may come with certain requirements. Here’s an engaging guide to help you navigate this path and find your way to a complimentary Samsung tablet:

Companies like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart are known for offering exciting tablet deals. Visit their websites or check local stores to stay updated on their latest promotions.

To find a fantastic deal on a Samsung tablet for free, carefully explore the online offers provided by various companies. These promotions have limited durations, so act swiftly when you find one that suits your needs.

Free tablet deals may involve specific conditions, such as switching providers, signing contracts, adding new lines, or purchasing costly plans. Some deals may even require trading in an old device or buying another device at full price. Weigh the terms carefully to ensure the deal aligns with your preferences.

Once you find the ideal deal, seize the opportunity! Complete the necessary steps to claim your tablet before the offer expires.

How To Get a Free Samsung Tablet From Samsung

Did you know that Samsung itself occasionally offers free tablets through enticing promotional deals? Here’s how you can get your hands on a complimentary device directly from Samsung:

  • Explore Samsung’s Online Store: Visit Samsung’s official online store to discover their current promotional deals. Keep an eye out for any free or discounted tablet offers.
  • Add to Your Basket and Checkout: If you spot a free or discounted tablet that catches your eye, simply add it to your basket. Proceed to the checkout and place your order online just like any other purchase.
  • Mind the Conditions: Be sure to check if there are any specific conditions attached to the deal. This way, you can ensure you meet the requirements to claim your tablet.

Steps to Get a Free Samsung Tablet From Non-Profits or Charities

Beyond government and carriers, non-profit organizations and charities can also be your gateway to a free tablet! These benevolent entities often provide discounted or even free electronic tablets to individuals in need, especially those with limited financial resources.

Non-profits and charities may offer used, refurbished, or brand-new tablets, ensuring there’s an option for everyone. Before applying, review the terms and conditions set by these organizations to ensure you meet their eligibility criteria.

By seeking assistance from non-profits and charities, you can experience the joy of owning a Samsung tablet without straining your budget.

How To Get a Free Samsung Tablet Online

Ready to score a free government Samsung tablet online? Here are some engaging and rewarding ways to make it happen:

Embrace Online Giveaway Contests: Participate in legitimate online giveaway contests for a chance to win a free tablet. Just be cautious of scams and ensure the contest is genuine.

Earn Rewards with Surveys: Join online survey platforms like Amazon Vine that reward participants with a complimentary tablet for their valuable feedback.

Become an Influential Reviewer: Showcase your reviewing skills and expertise to companies looking for honest opinions. Provide the best reviews, and you might be rewarded with a tablet.

Unleash Your Social Media Influence: If you have a substantial social media following, companies may pay you to promote their products, or they might award you with a free tablet for your influence.

Benefits and Features of Free Samsung Tablet

Benefits and Features of Free Samsung Tablet

Let’s explore the remarkable features that set Samsung tablets apart from the rest:

Portability and Versatility: Samsung tablets strike the perfect balance between portability and versatility, making them easy to carry around while offering a wide range of functionalities.

Expansive Display for Ultimate Enjoyment: With a Samsung tablet, you’ll relish a larger-than-life screen, perfect for indulging in Internet browsing, video streaming, email checking, and even immersive reading experiences.

Prolonged Battery Life: Compared to laptops, Samsung tablets boast impressive battery life, ensuring extended usage for both personal and business needs without the worry of constant recharging.

Powerful Performance: Equipped with faster processors and ample RAM, Samsung tablets handle multitasking with ease, making them a reliable companion for work and play.

Camera Excellence: Samsung tablets come equipped with high-quality cameras, enabling you to capture memorable moments, record stunning videos, and engage in seamless video calls.

Expandable Memory: Worried about running out of storage space? Fear not! Samsung tablets feature handy SD card slots, allowing you to expand the memory as needed.

Budget-Friendly ACP Samsung Tablets: For those on a tight budget, there’s good news! The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) by the Government offers free or heavily discounted Samsung tablets, making them accessible to more individuals who may not have been able to afford them otherwise.

Ideal for Seniors: Seniors will appreciate Samsung tablets’ larger screens and high-quality displays, making reading, video-watching, and web-browsing a delightful experience.

A Lifeline for the Financially Challenged: A tablet through the Government’s ACP is a lifeline for those facing financial constraints or struggling to meet installment payments.

What Type of Free Samsung Tablet Will I Receive?

ACP providers usually offer mid-range Android tablets or even iPads, ensuring reliability from top brands. The added benefit is that they often come with free monthly services.

Some ACP companies currently offer a selection of Samsung tablet models, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2020, Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and Samsung Galaxy Tab E.

With a wide array of choices, you can find a tablet that suits your needs and fits seamlessly into your digital lifestyle. Happy exploring and discovering the perfect device for you!


In conclusion, the world of free Samsung tablets offers a multitude of opportunities for tech enthusiasts and individuals seeking a seamless digital experience. From government assistance to carrier deals, charitable initiatives, and online rewards, securing a complimentary Samsung tablet is within reach for those who explore and seize the possibilities. Embrace this tech journey and unlock a world of convenience and innovation right at your fingertips!


To get a free Samsung tablet from the government, you can apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) if you qualify based on income or participation in eligible assistance programs.

Yes, getting a free Samsung tablet from carriers or retailers may require switching providers, signing contracts, purchasing specific plans, or trading in old devices.

The type of free Samsung tablet varies based on the source. Charities may offer refurbished entry-level tablets, carriers and retailers provide a range from basic to advanced models, and ACP providers offer mid-range Android tablets or iPads with free monthly services.

Yes, participating in legitimate online giveaway contests can give you a chance to win a free Samsung tablet as a prize.

Apart from contests, you can earn a free Samsung tablet by participating in surveys, becoming an influential reviewer, or using your social media influence to promote products.

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