How to Get a Free Tablet in Illinois 

Free Tablet in Illinois 

Illinois, a fascinating state in the United States, is home to over 12 million people, according to the most recent census. However, not everyone in the state can afford gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and computers. But fear not, for there are solutions in place to help those in need get their hands on a free tablet with EBT Illinois program. Let’s explore how you can get a free tablet in Illinois!

Now, you might be curious about why a tablet is such a valuable tool that people are actively seeking ways to get one for free. Well, let me tell you, a tablet is like a magic portal that opens up a world of possibilities! First and foremost, it’s a fantastic communication tool. Some tablets come with SIM card slots, which means you can insert your SIM card and send messages, make calls, and surf the internet using cellular data. It’s like having a phone and a computer all in one device!

But that’s not all; tablets are terrific sources of entertainment too! You can watch your favorite movies, play games that challenge your skills, and discover exciting apps that cater to your interests. It’s like having a pocket-sized amusement park at your fingertips!

In today’s modern education system, tablets have become essential tools for online learning. You can access digital textbooks, interactive lessons, and educational videos, making studying both fun and efficient. Plus, tablets allow students to explore their creative side through drawing and typing activities. Learning has never been this enjoyable!

But what about those kids who come from families with financial struggles and can’t afford a tablet? Well, that’s where the government and non-governmental organizations step in to lend a helping hand. They understand the importance of equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their economic background. That’s why they have programs in place to provide free tablets to those in need.

So, if you’re in Illinois or any other state and find yourself in a situation where owning a tablet seems like a far-off dream, read this article to know how to get a free tablet in Illinois.

Ways to Obtain a Free Government Tablet in Illinois 

Are you eager to get your hands on a free tablet in Illinois through your EBT benefits? Good news! There are not just one, but two fantastic ways you can make it happen:

  • Affordable Connectivity Program
  • Non-governmental organizations

Affordable Connectivity Program

Affordable Connectivity Program

Affordable Connectivity Program – a remarkable benefits program in the United States aimed at providing free internet access to families in need. This fantastic initiative ensures that even less privileged households can stay connected to the online world by offering a $30 per month discount for internet services. For households residing on eligible Tribal lands, the program goes above and beyond, providing an impressive monthly discount of up to $75!

For qualifying households, there’s an opportunity to receive a one-time discount of up to $100 to purchase a laptop, desktop, or tablet from participating service providers. And here’s the exciting part – you’ll only need to contribute a mere amount, between $10 and $50, towards the purchase price of the tablet. It’s almost like getting a brand-new tablet for a fraction of its original cost!

Eligibility Criteria to Get Free Tablet in Illinois

If your household income is 200% or below the Federal Poverty guideline, congratulations – you’re eligible for this incredible opportunity! But that’s not all – there’s more than one way to qualify, and we’re here to guide you through the exciting options.

First off, if you or any member of your household participates in certain assistance programs, you automatically qualify for the ACP program. Here’s a quick rundown of the programs that can lead you to the world of free internet and discounted devices:

  • Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
  • WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)
  • School Breakfast Program
  • Provision Schools
  • Federal Housing Assistance!
  • Veterans Pension or Survivor Benefits

If you reside in tribal areas, you’re eligible too. Just participate in the above programs or any of the following Tribal assistance programs:

  • Tribal Head Start (income-based)
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Tribal TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity to join the ACP program and embark on an exciting journey to connectivity, knowledge, and endless possibilities.

Required Documents to Get Free Tablet in Illinois

Required Documents to Get Free Tablet in Illinois

To make your application a breeze, it’s essential to have the right documents ready. Let’s dive into the list of required documents, so you can get ready to seize this incredible opportunity:

Income Document: Proving your income is crucial for qualifying for the ACP program. You can bring any of the following documents to demonstrate your eligibility based on income:

  • Tax return from the previous year at the federal, state, or Tribal level.
  • Unemployment/Workers’ Compensation statement of benefits
  • Official Notification of Participation in General Assistance Program by Federal/Tribal Authority.
  • Most recent earnings report or pay stub from your present employer.
  • Veterans Administration statement of benefits
  • Child support award, divorce decree, or any official document with income information

Program Participation Document: If you’re qualifying for the ACP program through a government assistance program, you’ll need documents to verify your participation. Bring any of the following:

  • Benefit award letter: This letter confirms that you’re receiving benefits from a specific assistance program.
  • Benefit verification letter: A letter stating your participation in a government assistance program can be submitted as proof.
  • Approval letter: If you’ve been approved for a government assistance program, this letter can establish your eligibility.
  • Statement of benefits: This document outlines the benefits you’re receiving from a particular government assistance program.

Other Essential Documents: In addition to income and program participation documents, you’ll need some key identification documents:

  • Date of Birth: Proof of your date of birth, such as a birth certificate or identification card, is required.
  • Social Security Number or Tribal ID Number: Your unique identification number is essential for the application.
  • Proof of Address: To establish your residency, you’ll need documents like utility bills or lease agreements.
  • Identity Document: A government-issued ID card or passport will confirm your identity.
  • Life Document: Some programs might require additional documentation related to life events or circumstances.

How to Apply for Free Tablet in Illinois through ACP 

Get ready to explore the three fantastic ways you can make it happen:

Online Application

  • Start your application by visiting, where the magic begins!
  • Once you’re on the website, head to the National Verifier portal and fill in all the necessary details. This step is essential to determine your eligibility for the program.
  • After submitting your information, the processing begins, and you’ll eagerly await the feedback on your application.
  • Upon approval, you get to choose your preferred service provider from a list of options. And guess what? Your dream of owning a free tablet is about to come true!

Apply through Your Service Provider

  • Partner Service Providers: Many service providers offer ACP services to eligible individuals. Look out for names like Access Wireless, TrueConnect, Life Wireless, and Boost Wireless – they’re here to lend a helping hand!
  • Reach Out to Your Provider: Get in touch with your service provider to inquire about the ACP program and start your application process. They’ll guide you every step of the way!
  • Seamless Application Process: With the assistance of your service provider, you’ll smoothly navigate through the application process. Soon, you’ll be on your way to owning that coveted free tablet!

Apply by Mail

Download the ACP Application Form: You can opt for the classic method of applying by mail. Simply download the ACP application form from the program’s website.

  • Fill out the application form, provide all the necessary details, and make sure everything is accurate!
  • Once you’ve filled out the form, send it to the ACP Support Center at PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742. And that’s it – you’ve officially applied!
  • After successfully applying, keep an eye on your mailbox for a notification about your approved application. Soon, you’ll know where to claim your free internet service and, of course, your brand-new tablet!

So, there you have it – three engaging ways to apply for the ACP program and take a step closer to owning a free tablet.

Apply for a Free Tablet in Illinois through a Non-Governmental Organization

Various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are dedicated to empowering individuals with the gift of technology. These generous organizations believe in equal opportunities for all, and they’re here to make your digital dreams come true! So, let’s dive into the world of NGOs that offer free tablets and explore the possibilities:

  • Salvation Army
  • Adaptive.Org
  • Everyoneon
  • Komputers 4 Kids
  • On It Foundation

Now that you know about these wonderful NGOs, it’s time to reach out and explore the possibilities. Each organization has its own unique approach and criteria, so don’t hesitate to inquire and see how you can qualify for their free tablet program. 


In conclusion, the Free Tablet program in Illinois presents an extraordinary opportunity for individuals and families in need to access the digital world. Whether through the Affordable Connectivity Program, non-governmental organizations, or other pathways, owning a free tablet opens doors to boundless knowledge, connectivity, and personal growth, ensuring that no one gets left behind in this fast-paced technological era. 


Can senior citizens qualify for the Free Tablet in Illinois? 

Yes, senior citizens who meet the eligibility criteria, such as income requirements or participation in qualifying assistance programs, can also qualify for the Free Tablet program.

Is there a limit to the number of tablets one household can receive? 

The specific rules regarding the number of tablets per household may vary depending on the program or organization offering the free tablets. Some programs may provide one tablet per eligible household, while others may have different policies.

Are there any additional costs associated with receiving a free tablet? 

In some cases, there may be minimal costs or fees involved, such as handling or shipping charges. However, the primary aim of the Free Tablet programs is to make technology accessible to those in need without burdening them with additional expenses.

Can undocumented immigrants apply for a free tablet in Illinois? 

Some Free Tablet programs in Illinois may have eligibility criteria that consider the immigration status of applicants. It’s essential to check the specific requirements of each program to determine eligibility.

What happens if I don’t qualify for a free tablet through government programs or NGOs?

If you don’t qualify for a free tablet through the Affordable Connectivity Program or non-governmental organizations, there may still be other options available. Some local community centers, libraries, or educational institutions might offer technology access programs or low-cost devices to help bridge the digital divide.

Can I choose the type of tablet I receive? 

The availability of tablet models may vary depending on the program or organization providing the devices. Some programs may offer a selection of tablet options, while others may provide specific models or brands based on availability.

Can I apply for a free tablet online if I don’t have internet access?

If you lack internet access, consider visiting a local library or community center with public computers to access the online application portals for Free Tablet programs.

Can I use the free tablet for personal or business purposes? 

Once you receive a free tablet, it is typically yours to use for personal purposes, including education, communication, entertainment, and more. However, specific programs may have guidelines regarding the tablets’ intended use, so it’s essential to review the program’s terms and conditions.

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