How to Get a Free Tablet with EBT or Food Stamps

How to Get a Free Tablet with EBT

Tablets offer a convenient way to browse the internet. They strike a balance between the compactness of phones and the usability of computers. However, acquiring these devices can be quite costly, just like mobile phones, computers, and laptops. This means that purchasing such gadgets is a luxury that low-income families and individuals cannot afford.

But imagine the joy of discovering that you can obtain a free government tablet for yourself and your family, or even buy one at a significantly reduced price. By learning how to access a free tablet with EBT, discovering the required documentation for the application process, understanding the eligibility criteria, and identifying the programs that offer this opportunity, you can make this dream a reality.

How to Get a Free Tablet with EBT

How to Get a Free Tablet with EBT

The government recognizes the importance of supporting low-income individuals and families, offering various benefits to assist them. Among these valuable initiatives is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), designed to provide access to nutritious food through federal funding.

SNAP participants receive a monthly monetary benefit, delivered conveniently through an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. This card can be used at approved grocery stores, ensuring individuals can meet their dietary needs. However, SNAP’s benefits extend beyond just nourishment.

Did you know that being a SNAP participant opens doors to more than just groceries? SNAP qualification can also make you eligible for a free government tablet through programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program (formerly the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program).

The connection between SNAP and the Affordable Connectivity Program allows you to leverage your existing qualification to access a free government tablet. This means that if you currently receive SNAP benefits and possess an EBT card, you no longer have to undergo additional eligibility procedures. You are automatically qualified for the free government tablet program, empowering you with digital access.

Furthermore, various additional government assistance initiatives make it even easier to qualify for a free government tablet with EBT. These programs include Head Start, Adult & Child Mental Health Case Management, Extended Foster Care, Food Support, Employment Services, Section 8, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Group Residential Housing (GRH), Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), the National School Lunch Program’s Free or Reduced Lunch Program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability (SSD), Medicaid or Medical Assistance.

By participating in any of these programs alongside SNAP, you enhance your chances of obtaining a free government tablet with EBT, opening up a world of possibilities.

How Does It Work?

Applying for the SNAP (EBT) program in 2023 is now more accessible than ever before. Let’s explore the simple and user-friendly ways to submit your application:

Online Application: One of the easiest methods is to apply online. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1: Visit
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Apply SNAP’ and then select ‘Get Started.’
  • Step 3: You will be directed to the online application form. Fill in the required information and provide the necessary documentation to prove your eligibility.
  • Step 4: Submit your application and patiently wait for a response regarding your qualification.

Mail or Fax Application: You can also choose to submit your SNAP application by mail or fax. Follow these steps:

  • Download the SNAP benefits application form in your preferred language from here. Seniors aged 60 or above can use the SNAP application for seniors, which is available at
  • Download the DTA cover sheet here.
  • Complete the cover sheet and application, then mail or fax them to the DTA Document Processing Center at P.O. Box 4406, Taunton, MA 02780. The fax number is (617) 887-8765.

Phone Application: Applying by phone is another convenient option. To begin your SNAP application process, just dial the DTA Assistance Line at (877) 382-2363 and follow the prompt to press 7. The DTA Assistance Line operates from Monday to Friday, between 8:15 AM and 4:45 PM.

In-Person Application: If you prefer a face-to-face interaction, you can apply for SNAP/EBT in person. Visit a local DTA office, which you can find by accessing this. Alternatively, you can check for community kiosks near your area by searching at

Benefits of Getting a Free Tablet With SNAP Benefits(EBT Card)

As a SNAP recipient, having a tablet opens up a world of possibilities and advantages. Let’s explore some of the key benefits that come with having a tablet:

  • Stay Connected: With a tablet in hand, you gain the power to stay connected with your loved ones. 
  • Explore Employment Opportunities: Finding employment becomes more accessible with a tablet by your side. It provides you with direct access to online job search engines and resources. 
  • Expand Your Education: A tablet offers incredible opportunities for expanding your knowledge and furthering your education. 

Eligibility Criteria to Get a Free  Tablet with Food Stamps 

Eligibility Criteria to Get a Free  Tablet with Food Stamps 

Qualifying for a free tablet with food stamps (EBT card) involves meeting specific eligibility criteria. Government officials assess applicants based on their income sources and available resources to determine authenticity and qualification.

To evaluate households’ eligibility for a free tablet with food stamps benefits, the following criteria are considered:


To be eligible for a free tablet with Food Stamps Benefits, participants must meet certain annual income limits. Gross income refers to the total income of all family members without any deductions.

The monthly gross income of the household should not exceed 135% of the federal government’s poverty line. Certain families may have higher poverty level thresholds under specific circumstances.

Work Requirement 

If you’re aged between 18 and 50, and not disabled, you’ll need to register for work and participate in an employment and training program if one is available to you. However, certain circumstances may exempt you from this requirement. For instance, if you’re unable to find work, facing illness or disability, caring for an incapacitated person, expecting a child, or already working a minimum of 20 hours per week, you may not need to participate. Additionally, students attending school at least half-time are also exempt from this requirement. These exemptions ensure that those facing unique situations are not burdened unnecessarily.

Resource Accumulation 

Households need to meet specific limits on resource accumulation. Resources include assets or monetary value available to family members at present. The rules and calculations for resource accumulation differ depending on whether the family has a senior member or not.

In the absence of a senior member (a person above 60 years old), the family should have resources within approximately $2500. On the other hand, a family with a senior member must demonstrate resources worth around $3750. For detailed information about countable resources, necessities, and essentials, individuals should visit government websites or consult official sources.

Citizenship Requirements

To be eligible for SNAP benefits, you or a member of your household must be a U.S. citizen or a qualified non-citizen. Qualified non-citizens include individuals with legal immigrant status, refugees, asylees, Cuban/Haitian entrants, parolees who have been in the country for at least one year, and participants in Batterers’ Intervention Programs. These citizenship requirements ensure that those who have a lawful status in the United States can access the assistance they need.

Residency Requirements

Living in the United States or its territories is a prerequisite for receiving a free tablet with Food Stamps. This includes regions such as Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Virgin Islands, and temporary shelters for disaster victims located within the United States, such as FEMA trailers. Temporary absence from home due to military deployment overseas is also taken into consideration. If you find yourself uncertain about meeting the residency requirement, reach out to your local SNAP office for further guidance.

There are additional categories for work requirements, which can be checked on the government website.

Required Documents for Obtaining a Free Tablet with Food Stamps

Required Documents for Obtaining a Free Tablet with Food Stamps

If you’re eager to secure a free tablet with Food Stamps benefits, there are a few essential documents you’ll need to provide. These documents help the authorities ensure the accuracy and authenticity of your application, making the process smoother for everyone involved. Let’s take a look at the required documents:

  • Identity Proof: To verify your identity, you’ll need to provide a document that confirms who you are. A suitable form of identification may consist of an official government-issued document, for instance, a driver’s license or passport. It’s essential to ensure that the document you present displays your name, date of birth, and recent photograph.
  • Address Proof: Proof of your current address is also necessary. This document should confirm where you reside, and it could include a utility bill, rental agreement, or official correspondence that clearly shows your name and address. Make sure the document is recent and accurately reflects your current living situation.
  • Income Proof (if applicable): If your eligibility for a free tablet with EBT is based on income criteria, you’ll need to provide income proof. This proof may include pay stubs, employment letters, or tax documents that demonstrate your household’s income. It’s important to provide accurate and up-to-date information to support your application.
  • Participation Document (if qualifying under other government programs): If you qualify for a free government tablet through other government programs, you’ll need to submit a document that confirms your participation in those programs. This could be a letter or official communication from the program, highlighting your active involvement.
  • Income Loss Proof (if qualifying under the substantial loss income category): For those qualifying under the substantial loss income category, it’s necessary to provide proof of income loss. This proof could include documents such as termination letters, layoff notices, or any other evidence that substantiates the reduction in your household’s income.
  • Documentary Proof for Emancipated Minors: If you’re an emancipated minor, meaning you’re legally free from certain restrictions, you’ll need to provide documentary proof. This could include legal documents, court orders, or any other official paperwork that verifies your emancipated status.

By gathering and submitting these required documents, you can ensure smooth and efficient processing of your application for a free tablet with Food Stamps benefits.

Pros and Cons of Obtaining a Free Tablet with Food Stamps

The provision of a free tablet with EBT to eligible SNAP recipients has sparked debates about the benefits and drawbacks of such a program. Let’s delve deeper into the pros and cons surrounding this initiative:

Pros of a Free Tablet with Food Stamps:

  • Increased Access to Education and Job Training Opportunities: By equipping low-income individuals with a free tablet with EBT and access to online resources, the program aims to enhance their educational and job training opportunities. This can empower participants to pursue distance learning, gain valuable skills, and improve their chances of finding employment.
  • Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: For families struggling to make ends meet, the choice between buying food and investing in education or job training can be challenging. The SNAP tablet program seeks to break the cycle of poverty by providing resources that enable participants to enhance their economic prospects and work towards self-sufficiency.
  • Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural Areas: Many rural Americans face limited access to reliable high-speed internet, hampering their ability to benefit from distance learning or apply for jobs online. The program addresses this digital divide by offering free tablets and data plans, connecting participants in rural areas, and expanding their opportunities.

Cons of a Free Tablet with Food Stamps:

  • Costly for Taxpayers: Outfitting each participant with a tablet and data plan comes with a significant cost, totaling around $150 per year per participant. With millions of individuals enrolled in SNAP, the overall expense could exceed billions of dollars if all eligible recipients take part.
  • Increased Dependence on Government Assistance: Critics argue that programs like the SNAP tablet initiative may foster greater dependence on welfare, hindering individuals from achieving self-sufficiency. Concerns are raised about potential long-term reliance on government assistance rather than fostering pathways to independence.
  • Potential for Fraudulent Activity: There is a concern that the program could lead to an increase in fraudulent activities among participants. While no large-scale evidence of this has been observed thus far, there are possibilities such as selling tablets for cash or using them for non-approved purposes.

Providers Offering Free Tablets with EBT in 2023

Providers Offering Free Tablets with EBT in 2023

In 2023, there are several Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) providers offering free tablets with EBT near me and you. These providers aim to bridge the digital divide and empower low-income individuals with essential connectivity tools. Let’s explore the list of providers offering this valuable opportunity:

Maxsip Telecom

 Maxsip Telecom is a telecommunications provider offering ACP services to low-income individuals. For a one-time fee of $20, qualifying customers can receive a quality Android tablet along with free high-speed internet services. Eligibility is based on meeting low-income requirements or participation in qualifying government assistance programs such as EBT/SNAP. Apply online at to explore their services.


Stimulus provides free internet access and tablets to families receiving government assistance, including SNAP/EBT. Their ACP program offers both free internet services and tablets. Apply by visiting and completing the online application form with the necessary information and documentation to prove eligibility.


TruConnect offers affordable tablets to ACP-eligible customers, although specific tablet models are not disclosed in advance. With qualifying plans, customers can purchase tablets for only $10.01. TruConnect also provides free monthly wireless plans with unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as a free smartphone or SIM card, unlimited international calling, and potential bonus offers like two months of free Amazon Prime. Apply by visiting and completing the application process to claim your free tablet with EBT.

Excess Telecom

Excess Telecom is dedicated to providing affordable connectivity options, offering ACP services and free mobile broadband plans to eligible customers. They extend Lifeline-eligible California residents a free Lifeline plan. Customers can enjoy nationwide internet access for as low as $0. Check coverage in your area, confirm eligibility for ACP and Lifeline benefits (EBT participants qualify for both), place your order, activate your plan, and start enjoying the benefits at

Easy Wireless

Easy Wireless, an ACP provider, currently offers free tablets with EBT, SNAP, or other qualifying government programs. Participants in both Lifeline and ACP can access free government smartphone services with unlimited talk, text, data, and hotspot capabilities. Eligible customers may also receive an 8-inch tablet. Note that unlimited data and tablet offers are limited-time benefits as part of the Affordable Connectivity Program. Sign up at to claim your free government tablet with EBT.

AirTalk Wireless

AirTalk Wireless is a popular wireless company offering ACP and Lifeline benefits to eligible customers across various states. They provide a range of top-brand tablets, including options from Samsung, Apple, Alcatel, and more. Eligible customers can choose the device they prefer and enjoy high-quality tablets like the Alcatel Joy Tab 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Apple iPad 6, and others for a small fee. Additionally, AirTalk Wireless offers free smartphones and monthly wireless plans that include talk minutes, text messages, and high-speed data. To learn more and apply, visit to claim your free tablet with EBT.

Cintex Wireless

As an affiliate of AirTalk Wireless, Cintex Wireless offers similar benefits to eligible customers in select states. Customers can purchase highly discounted ACP tablets for a minimal cost of $10.01. In addition, they receive free smartphones and monthly service plans with free minutes, texts, and data. The SIM card provided can be used with a smartphone or tablet based on preference. To apply, visit and follow the instructions to claim your free tablet with EBT.

NewPhone Wireless

Owned by the same company as AirTalk and Cintex, NewPhone Wireless provides Lifeline and ACP benefits, including free tablets from reputable brands. Eligible customers may have the opportunity to choose their preferred tablet based on availability and location. Along with tablets, approved applicants also receive a free smartphone and wireless plan with monthly talk minutes, text messages, and high-speed data. Discover more about NewPhone’s offerings and enroll at to claim your free tablet with EBT.

Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless, a prominent Lifeline provider, now participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program. Customers can benefit from a free monthly cell phone service plan with unlimited talk, text, and data. Q Link ACP also offers eligible customers a free government tablet with EBT/SNAP. The tablet model depends on availability and location, with the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. Participants must pay a one-time co-pay of $10.01 for the tablet. Learn more and sign up at to claim your free tablet with EBT.

StandUp Wireless 

StandUp Wireless, a former EBB provider and current ACP provider, offers discounts on connected devices. Although specific device information is not available, StandUp ACP is expected to provide free tablets similar to its expired EBB program. Along with connected devices, StandUp ACP offers free wireless service with unlimited talk, text, and 10 GB of high-speed data. To participate, confirm eligibility and apply at to claim your free tablet with EBT.

Please note that availability and device options may vary, and it’s recommended to visit the respective provider’s website for the most up-to-date information on their offerings.

These providers are committed to making essential connectivity accessible to individuals in need. By offering a free tablet with EBT/SNAP, they strive to empower communities and bridge the digital divide, opening up a world of opportunities for eligible individuals in 2023.


In conclusion, the availability of free tablets with EBT/SNAP through the Affordable Connectivity Program presents a valuable opportunity for low-income individuals to access education, job training, and essential online resources. By bridging the digital divide, these initiatives empower participants to break the cycle of poverty and foster a more inclusive and connected society.


To get a free tablet with EBT, you can apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and meet the eligibility criteria. Participating ACP providers offer free or heavily discounted tablets to qualifying individuals.

The tablet options available may vary depending on the ACP provider and their current offerings. Some providers allow participants to choose their preferred tablet model from a selection, while others provide a specific tablet based on availability.

Along with a free tablet, many ACP providers also offer discounted or free monthly internet service plans, free smartphones, and additional benefits such as unlimited talk, text, and data. The specific benefits vary depending on the provider and program.

Eligibility requirements can vary, but receiving benefits from programs like SNAP/EBT, Lifeline, and Medicaid, or participating in low-income assistance programs generally increases the likelihood of qualifying for a free tablet with EBT.

The application process typically involves visiting the ACP provider’s website, completing an online application form, and submitting the required documentation to prove eligibility. Some providers also offer alternative application methods, such as by phone or in person at local offices.

While the tablet itself may be provided for free or at a heavily discounted price, some ACP programs may require participants to contribute a small amount, usually between $10 and $50, towards the purchase price.

Yes, the tablet received through the ACP program is typically yours to keep permanently. However, it’s important to review the terms and conditions of the specific program and provider to understand any obligations or restrictions.

Yes, if you are eligible for the ACP program and meet the criteria, you can apply for a free tablet even if you already have an EBT card.

Generally, there are no ongoing fees or obligations associated with the free tablet itself. However, participants may need to maintain eligibility for the ACP program and adhere to the terms and conditions set by the provider.

Once you receive the tablet, you have the flexibility to use it for various purposes, including personal activities. However, it’s important to be mindful of any program guidelines or restrictions set by the provider.

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