Unbiased Review of Scepter 8 Tablet from Qlink Wireless

Scepter 8 Tablet

Are you searching for the perfect tablet or computer but feeling overwhelmed by all the choices out there? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Today, we’re diving into the Scepter 8 tablet from Qlink to help you make an informed decision.

Scepter 8 tablet by Qlink – a powerful device that has been capturing the attention of tech enthusiasts since its release in 2016. With a plethora of tablets and computers in the market, it’s natural to wonder which one suits your needs the best. In this blog, we’ll give you an impartial analysis of the Scepter 8, discussing its impressive features and any potential drawbacks.

What is the Qlink Wireless Scepter 8 Tablet?

Qlink Scepter 8 tablet – a high-quality device that packs a host of impressive features and benefits for users. If you’re considering getting a tablet, you might be wondering if the Scepter 8 is the perfect fit for you. Let’s delve into what makes this tablet stand out from the rest and why it could be a great choice.

The first standout feature is its large 8-inch high-resolution screen, which is bigger than most other tablets in the market. This means you can enjoy watching movies, playing games, and viewing pictures and videos with incredible clarity and sharpness.

What powers this performance is the tablet’s robust Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor. Whether you’re multitasking with multiple apps or streaming HD content, the Scepter 8 ensures fast and smooth performance without any lags.

Moreover, the tablet comes with a powerful built-in 7200 mAh battery that offers up to 12 hours of usage on a single charge. So, you can confidently use it throughout the day without worrying about running out of battery. And when it’s time to recharge, it takes only around 2 hours to top up the battery to its full capacity.

Features of the Qlink Wireless Scepter 8 Tablet

Features of the Qlink Wireless Scepter 8 Tablet

Let’s explore the amazing features of the Qlink Wireless Scepter 8 tablet – a device that promises to elevate your tech experience to new heights!

Design & Display 

A sleek 8-inch IPS LCD display that brings your content to life with a vibrant resolution of 1280×800 pixels. The Scepter 8 takes pride in its slim bezels and elegant aluminum unibody design, making it a delight to hold and behold. What’s more, at a mere 0.65 pounds and only 0.31 inches thick, this tablet effortlessly slips into your bag or pocket, ensuring you can take it anywhere with ease.

Hardware & Performance 

Power-packed with a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, the Scepter 8 tablet handles tasks with grace and speed. With 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage, you have ample space to store your favorite apps and multimedia. And if that’s not enough, fear not, for this tablet gladly accommodates microSD cards of up to 128 GB, allowing you to expand your storage horizons. Capture your memories in detail with the 5 MP rear camera or indulge in video calls with the 2 MP front camera – the Scepter 8 ensures you stay connected in style!

Battery Life & Connectivity 

The Scepter 8 understands the value of endurance. Equipped with a robust 4000 mAh battery, it stands by you throughout the day, effortlessly supporting your activities. Stay connected with friends and family using Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n or explore the world with the wonders of Bluetooth 4.0. And if you ever find yourself lost, fret not – the tablet comes with GPS to guide you on your adventures. Need to transfer files? The Scepter 8 is ready with USB OTG, making data exchange a breeze!

Benefits Of Qlink Scepter 8 Tablet

Benefits Of Qlink Scepter 8 Tablet

Are you on the hunt for a budget-friendly tablet that doesn’t compromise performance? Look no further, as the Scepter 8 tablet has you covered with its impressive features at an affordable price!

Benefit 1: Pocket-Friendly Price Tag

Imagine getting a feature-packed tablet without breaking the bank! The Scepter 8 stands out for its affordability, offering excellent value for your hard-earned money. Compared to other tablets on the market, it’s a steal! Not only that, but this tablet also boasts an ample 16 GB of storage – double what you typically find in its price range. With a high-resolution display and a speedy processor, you can enjoy the best of technology without burning a hole in your pocket.

Benefit 2: Lightweight & Portable 

Say goodbye to bulky devices that weigh you down! The Scepter 8 tablet takes pride in its lightweight design, making it the perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle. Whether you’re heading to school, work, or traveling around, this tablet effortlessly fits into your bag, adding convenience to your daily adventures. Plus, with its long-lasting battery life, you can stay connected and entertained without the hassle of frequent recharging.

Benefit 3: Peace of Mind Warranty 

Worried about unexpected mishaps? Fear not, for the Scepter 8 comes with a fantastic one-year warranty, ensuring your tablet is well-protected. Should anything go awry within the first year, you can rest easy knowing you’re covered. This added security lets you enjoy your tablet experience without any worries, giving you more reasons to explore, learn, and create.

To wrap it up, the Scepter 8 tablet shines brightly as an excellent budget-friendly gem among devices. With its affordable price, impressive storage capacity, and portable design, it’s a smart choice for anyone seeking quality without sacrificing their savings. And the icing on the cake? The one-year warranty grants you peace of mind.

Comparison of Qlink Scepter 8 Tablet with other tablet?

Tablets have become an integral part of households across America, offering unparalleled portability and convenience. But how does the Qlink Scepter 8 stand out from the sea of tablets in the market? Let’s explore the reasons that make this tablet a cut above the rest!

Budget-Friendly Yet Feature-Rich

With an enticing price tag of just $299.99, the Scepter 8 is an excellent choice for those mindful of their budget. But don’t let the price deceive you – this tablet comes packed with remarkable features that elevate your tablet experience. From its lightweight design, weighing a mere 2.2 pounds, to its extended 10-hour battery life, it’s the ideal companion for your everyday adventures.

Ample Storage for Your World 

Are you tired of running out of storage space for your favorite music, movies, and photos? The Scepter 8 has got you covered with a generous 64GB of internal storage. Say goodbye to the frustration of constantly managing your files and embrace the freedom to store all your cherished memories without compromise.

Unmatched Versatility

The Scepter 8 is more than just a tablet; it’s a powerhouse of possibilities. Whether you need it for work, school, entertainment, or creativity, this tablet effortlessly adapts to your needs. Its sleek design and robust features make it an ideal companion for productivity tasks, immersive entertainment, and capturing special moments.

In conclusion, the Qlink Scepter 8 tablet stands as a shining star amidst its competitors. Its affordable price doesn’t skimp on value, offering an array of features that cater to your diverse needs. With its lightweight build, impressive battery life, and ample storage capacity, the Scepter 8 sets a new standard for what a tablet can achieve.


In conclusion, the Qlink Scepter 8 tablet is an exceptional device that surpasses expectations with its affordability, portability, and impressive features. With its long battery life, ample storage, and versatility, it proves to be a top choice for those seeking a reliable and enjoyable tablet experience.


The Scepter 8 tablet is affordably priced at $299.99, making it a budget-friendly option for users.

The Scepter 8 comes with 64GB of internal storage, providing ample space for your files, apps, and media.

Yes, you can expand the storage by using a microSD card of up to 128GB, giving you even more room for your data.

The Scepter 8 tablet is lightweight, weighing just 2.2 pounds, which makes it highly portable and easy to carry around.

The Scepter 8 boasts an impressive battery life of up to 10 hours, ensuring you stay connected and entertained for extended periods.

Yes, the tablet comes with a one-year warranty, providing you peace of mind and protection against any potential issues.

Absolutely! The Scepter 8 is a versatile device, suitable for both work and leisure, making it ideal for productivity tasks, entertainment, and creativity.

Yes, the tablet supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0, allowing seamless connectivity and data transfer.

Yes, the Scepter 8 tablet comes with a 5 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera for capturing moments and video calls.

Absolutely! With its lightweight design and long-lasting battery, the Scepter 8 is a perfect companion for your travels and on-the-go adventures.

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